“Rollicking Rockaways Week-end” this weekend

I’m exhibiting photos I shot in the 1980s.

More info at: https://www.facebook.com/CarnivalRockaway

FREE week-end of fun, laughs and entertainment celebrating Rockaways Carnival Heritage with:Sept. 27-28-29
Opening Reception on the 27th from 6 to 9pm.
- A Tribute exhibition to the former amusements in the Rockaways, from Thompson’s Park to the real Rockaways’ Playland.

Sept. 28
from 7 to 9pm
- A Cabaret Night, with awesome performers (contortionist, juggler, circus performer, magician, mime, surprises and even more)

September 29
from 3 to 6pm
- An afternoon of Games of Skills and Chance for all the family. Participate in our Raffle and get the chance to win an awesome prize!

— At Rockaway Beach Surf Club


Modern Ruins is being updated – and it’s about time!

I’ve been working with Brooklyn Web Developers on my site, and you’ll see lots of new images in the coming weeks. There’s going to be a transition period while I get the old photos rescanned and uploaded.

I put modern-ruins.com up in 1995, and it’s a lot like an old house where new extensions were added on. I wrote it using simpletext, and there were hundreds of pages. Some of the images were tiny because back in 1995, we were all on slow modems. It was an early recipient of weekly Yahoo “Cool Site” award.

modern-ruins.com, launched in 1995