Greystone Park – One Last Look

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  • One of the outer wards of the Kirbride building at Greystone
  • Slowly turning green in the summer humidity.
  • Table saw in basement of center section
  • Wards in wing of the main building.
  • Grafitti in the center section
  • On the window in Ward 40
  • Hall in the center section of the main building.
  • Staircase down to the exercise yard from Guthrie's "Wardy Forty"
  • Main entrance after marble columns stripped off.
  • The dome of the man building.
  • What's left of the north wing that contained "Wardy Forty." It was all down in less than a week.
  • Exterior "greystone" removed before the remaining walls are knocked down. With no rebar, they come down quickly.
  • Exercise yard outside "Wardy Forty."
  • The chapel, stripped of its stained glass and ornate wood trim.
  • "Please don't tear Greystone down" graffiti scrawled on the walls of the main building.
  • Top of the stairs to "Wardy Forty."
  • Wall in "Wardy Forty."
  • Electrical outlet, added after the building was constructed, which was 1875.
  • Basement window in the center section.
  • Wall painting in the basement of the center section.
  • Wall painting in center section of main building
  • Wall painting in "Wardy Forty." Much deteriorated since I'd last seen it 10 years earlier, when you could make out a buffalo hunt.
  • Wall painting in "Wardy Forty." Much deteriorated since I'd last seen it 10 years earlier. It is a reproduction of John Steuart Curry's "Tornado over Kansas."
  • Day room outside "Wardy Forty."
  • Hall, north wing of the Main Building
  • Deteriorating ward.
  • Room where ward reports were once stored.
  • Collapsing ceiling in ward 40.
  • Door inside ward 40.
  • Looking into the north wing.
  • Remaining section of the north wing, which was gone within a week.
  • Exterior of "Wardy Forty"
  • Interior detail, "Wardy Forty"
  • Doors, "Wardy Forty"
  • Doors, "Wardy Forty"
  • Corridor end, "Wardy Forty"
  • Wall, "Wardy Forty"
  • Doors, "Wardy Forty"
  • North wing
  • Wall, "Wardy Forty"
  • Demoliton machinery in exercise yard of north wing
My final trip to Woody Guthrie's "Wardy Forty," just one week ahead of the wrecking ball. Continue reading
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  • ReadumAndWeep

    Shame on you Chris Christie and the NJ Treasury for the shameful, selfish, unnecessary and expensive destruction of one of NJ’s most important historic and architectural sites. Besides Bridgegate and all the other scandals and the rest of your poor decisions, the demolition of Greystone has cost you a lot of support in NJ, and now you’ll lose the Republican bid and hopefully soon, the office of governor as well.