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“De-Shredded,” 2015 I "appropriated" police documents that were shredded and left out for recycling and "de-shredded" them.

“De-Shredded,” 2015

Street Fossils – 2015 "Street Fossils" installed in Bushwick by placing objects into the path of the asphalt roller.

Street Fossils – 2015

“Inside Ferguson,” 2015 A 360 degree, walk-in panoramic photo that lets people step into Ferguson and onto the spot where Michael Brown died.

“Inside Ferguson,” 2015

“Weird NJ: The Exhibition,” 2005 An exhibition I curated in 2005 with the publishers of Weird NJ magazine. It featured 15 artists that live in or are inspired by New Jersey.

“Weird NJ: The Exhibition,” 2005

“Windows of the Soul,” 2008 An installation for the "Brainwaves" exhibit, curated by Suzanne Anker at Exit Art in New York in 2008.

“Windows of the Soul,” 2008

“Complex 34,” 2011 A 360 degree wrap-around photograph of the abandoned Complex 34 launch pad at Cape Canaveral.

“Complex 34,” 2011

“Twin Towers,” 1974/2001 Between 1973 and 2001, I took many photos of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Here are just a few.

“Twin Towers,” 1974/2001

“In Lieu of Flowers,” 2009 An installation about the people who once worked at the now-demolished Westinghouse Plant in Newark.

“In Lieu of Flowers,” 2009