My (un)thinkable exhibit opens in Manhattan on Sept 8

Exhibitions, Front Room Gallery

NASA Complex 34

Complex 34, Cape Canaveral

I’ve been photographing remnants of the Cold War for 25 years and will be showing some of them in September at Front Room Gallery on the Lower East Side.

Photos are of the mothballed B-52s at the Airplane Graveyard in Arizona, abandoned Nike and Titan nuclear missile bases, launch pads at Cape Canaveral and bunkers at an abandoned NATO airbase in Germany. I’ll also be including a photo of the Fallout Shelter sign that was on my grammar school in the Bronx when we practiced “duck and cover” drills during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

You can see more photos in the galleries here – Airplane Graveyard, Cape Canaveral, Titan II Missile Base and Hahn Airforce Base.

The opening reception will be Friday night, September 8th. The show runs until October 1st.