Spring/Break Art Show, Sept 7-12, New York

Spencer Tunick and I brought together our art practices as well as 125 intrepid spirits to create a series of panoramic photographs for Spring/Break Art Show. The settings were a field, an orchard, a forest and the middle of a river. One of the panoramas was turned into a cyclorama, or walk in photograph that is 8 feet tall and 25 feet long, wrapping around you inside an 8′ diameter cylindrical frame covered with mirrors.

You can see a short, 7-minute video created by Rusty Tagliarini / Antiquity Echoes documenting the day at https://youtu.be/ELspnucxvRI.

More information about Spring/Break Art Show at SpringBreakArtShow.com.

Installation at Spring/Break Art Show
Behind the scenes – drone footage creating the first panorama